Information for Eligible Funded Worker

Am I a eligible funded worker?

Information on businesses permitted to travel across Alert Level boundaries can be found here.

Would you like to register for the saliva testing programme?

Eligible funded worker s moving through Alert Levels at the Auckland border can register for our Saliva Testing Programme

You have a choice to provide a saliva sample for surveillance testing for COVID-19 rather than undertake a nasal (nasopharyngeal) swab testing.


You must register to use this service 24hrs BEFORE needing a test. You cannot use this service if you arrive at the boundary and are unable to login to access the app. You will need to perform a nasopharyngeal test if you have not registered in time.

Already registered

Great, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you when it has been processed and completed (approx. 24 hours).

You will then be able to download and login to the app using your NHI number. Visit the App to get started.

Eligible funded worker information pack

Everything you need to know from How the service works to Frequently Asked Questions is in here.

Get your saliva testing kits

A Saliva Test kit includes 1 tube and 1 biohazard bag. The tube has an important barcode you’ll need to use to record your test in the app.

• You can collect a test kit from any of the available pick-up locations listed here throughout New Zealand. You do not have to collect your test kit in Auckland
• This list has new pick-up locations being added regularly – keep checking back for new locations
• Check with your employer if they have test kits available at your workplace
• If collecting test kits from non-workplace locations, we recommend collecting 4 kits at a time to supply you with 2 weeks of saliva testing
• We need to manage distribution and supply of test kits so we ask that you only take max 4 kits from any location outside of your workplace
• View current pick up locations here

Order test kits for your workplace


You need to have registered your staff before ordering test kits.

• If you have more than 25 employees workplaces can request test kits to be delivered to one location to be available to your staff
• Include the number of employers, your business name, address for delivery and contact information

Step-by-step guide to using the COVID-19 Saliva Testing App

The easy step-by-step guide explains how to register for the app as well as completing your first saliva testing collection.

How the Service Works

Opt-in / Register.

Get the app.

Collect a test kit.

Provide saliva sample.

Drop-off your saliva kit..

Results available on the app.

Find your nearest pick-up and drop-off locations

The following are the currently available public test kit pick-up and test drop-off locations for your saliva sample. Keep checking back for updates as more sites become available.

For many employees, you will be able to collect your test kit from your workplace and can drop off your sample to any of the following locations.

Resources for Employers

Support Hub for Employees

Need more information?