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You must register to use this service 24hrs BEFORE needing a test. You cannot use this service if you arrive at the boundary and are unable to login to access the app. You will need to perform a nasopharyngeal test if you have not registered in time.

Eligible Funded Worker

If you’re eligible to use saliva testing for surveillance let’s get you registered.

Border Workers must opt-in through their employer first

Once you’ve opted-in through your employer you can access the app.

Private Funded workplaces

If you’ve received your Employer code from your workplace lets get you registered.

Don’t have an Employer code.
Click here.

Once you have submitted the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you when it has been processed and completed (approx. 24 hours). You will then be able to download and login to the app using your NHI number.

If you are part of the Border Workforce Testing Register (BWTR), your employer needs to opt you in for saliva testing on the BWTR; please allow up to 24hrs from the time of “ticking the box” on the BWTR for the data to come to us and setup to be completed. Your employer should be able to facilitate you opting in if this has not already occurred.